Thursday, January 15, 2004

The Kindness of random strangers

One of the most interesting things about the application process has been the sharing of the angst with fellow applicants. The blogs and forums are a great way to ask questions, get answers and generally relate to strangers who are in a similar situation as me. It's very helpful to receive advice on the BW and s2s boards and words of encouragement from comments on my blog(though blogspeak seems to have issues and I have had to disable it). I have also received emails from some people with information, answers, questions and simple hi's. I received one today from an MIT applicant offering me some essay tips based on his own experiences. I so appreciate that. Thanks, Brad.

Could not get down to writing any MIT essays today. As I blogged earlier in the week, work is really killing me. It's past midnight and I still have things to get done. But I have been thinking about them all through the day and identifying stories that fit the questions. Most of them were set except for the difficult interaction with a person, essay 3. I just zeroed in on that one now. That feels good.

On the matter of other applications, I have been seriously considering Fuqua or Haas for their R3, but as much as I like Fuqua, I don't think there is much upside to going there for what I want to do. Haas is better. The big problem is recommendations. My recommenders are swamped with work as I am and they worked hard for my previous set. I will try to talk them into giving me another set, but I may have to drop Haas if i they can't get to it. But I think I am going to apply to Wharton for R3. I like what Alex said on the s2s boards - there might be a better chance with R3 this year and definitely 0 if I don't, and in the worst case I get rejected but can get feedback that can help me prepare better essays for R1 next year. Words of wisdom. I also think I can do a really great job on my W essays. They are the ones that fit my experiences the best. And I am also going to apply to London in R3. I think I can ask for those two recommendations together middle of next month without a problem.

So, while the rest of the applicant pool seems to getting into either the celebration or wait mode, I am still going to be cranking out essays a month or two from now. This is going to be painful, but I am willing to put my life on hold for some more time to give myself a shot at something I really want to do.


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