Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I've found the perfect way to wean myself off the BW forums - travel to a distant country without internet access :-) OK, it's not so drastic. I had to suddenly travel to India on business and I have no internet access from the house where i live, so it's been quiet on this blog for a while. Of course, there are numerous internet cafes to give me my blogger fix.

I've not had a minute to think about my applications ever since I got here on sunday. I'm working so that's keeping me really busy and when i'm not i'm still trying to sleep off my jet lag. I'm falling asleep right now and it's just about 7 PM.

I should slowly get myself back in the zone to think about London and its essays for the R3 deadline. Checked my email just now and still no news from any of my R2 schools. I guess mid-feb is a realistic date to expect the start of any potential interview invites from Sloan and HBS. Tuck and Kellogg have required interviews - Tuck is done, Kellogg I'm going on the ... wanna guess ? ... last day of interviews ;-) Of course, this is because I'm travelling and the weekend before the 27th I have a big party to go to :-)

Off I go to get some coffee. I have a wedding to attend tonite. Ah, the pomp and pagentry of an Indian wedding. The crowds, the beautifully decked out women, the color. And of course, the great food.


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