Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Got another email from Kellogg saying that they cannot guarantee that a decision may be released within the time frame for this round. Awright - I've had it with obsessing about K. I need to get my mind off it and move on. Que sera sera.

Getting ready to start working on my Sloan app. Did brief outlines of what I am going to say in my various essays. I am vacillating between where to use a particular experience. I achieved a significant goal but in the process also had an impact on an org. I am debating between using that for essay 1 or 4. May decide to go with essay 1 just because it is easier to find another goal I've achieved in my life than a significant impact i've had. And I think I know what I am going to say in the cover letter. So, first thing tomorrow morning am going to revisit the Sloan website and go thru my class visit notes to re-acquaint myself with what Sloan wants most in its applicants. Hopefully that will channelize my thoughts as i start to work on essays.


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