Monday, January 19, 2004

Decent progress over the weekend on MIT, not great. Was hit with work issues that I spent a lot of time attending to. Will be tied up with work all day today too. I have a blueprint for what my entire application package should look like, and have three essays worded down. They need one more round of editing for word-counts. On-deck for today - the essay about creating something new, cover letter and the application itself. Looks like I may be writing essays tomorrow night also .. and that's fine as long as it's not an hour before the app is due ;-)

Was browsing thru the chats and Rod Garcia was asked what he's looking for in essays and this was his take:
Essay 1 - Leadership
Essay 2 - ability to be creative or innovative
Essay 3 - team work
Essay 4 - goal setting and achieving
Essay 5 - a bias for action

Good luck to Fuqua, Haas and Sloan applicants, the deadlines are here.


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