Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Application & Shopping Updates

Tuck - Got an email today that my application is complete and under review. Decision date - March 29.
Kellogg - Also got an email today with a link to the status page, but nothing there yet. All it says is a thank you for applying and that app will be complete once the mailed materials are matched up with the app. No indication of rounds either.
HBS - Already received an email that I am being considered for R2, no email yet about any missing materials, so I think that is good. Decision date - March 31.

I am in a funky state of mind. A part of me is very relieved that I've gotten these apps in and wants to relax. Another is pushing me to get back into working on the remaining MIT application. I've got to refocus now, have had enough time to unwind. Am going to start working on my Sloan app tomorrow morning. May be travelling for work starting this weekend, so that makes it even more critical that my app be in good shape. I can NOT afford another last minute submission.

My workload has suddenly increased too. It's almost like my boss has decided that now that my applications are almost complete, it's time to get back to work ;-)

I spent this weekend shopping for recommender gifts. I was looking for pens and walked into a Mont Blanc store. I asked the guy if they had any inexpensive pens. He gave me one of those snickering laughs and said that there was nothing inexpensive there - the pens started at $250. I guess I've been cooped up too long at home working on this mba thing ;-) Then I walked into a Penfield's and asked for something 'around a 50-100 dollars'. The nice lady behind the counter was a Brit and she looked lost. After saying that I would actually have very little choice at that range, she produced a $650 'writing instrument'. You should have seen the look on both our faces when I clarified that I was looking for a 50 dollar pen, not a 1500 dollar one (which is what she thought I had said in my Indian accent ;-) Anyways, I found two nice pens for my bosses and a nice desk clock from Brookstone for my peer recommender.

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