Monday, January 05, 2004

2:10 AM

Was just perusing the BW Forums threads about GMAT scores, and there are so many of them, and was reminded of my own GMAT experience a few months ago. I must have 'studied' for maybe a couple of weeks, never really seriously, just did a couple of hours of verbal questions and brushed up on my quant basics. I did take 4 practice tests, 3 of them friday-sunday before my monday morning exam. And i can remember having the same feelings I do right now - a mixture of fear, hopelessness, adrenaline, hope ... basically all over the place. I scored 650, 640, 660 on those 3 kaplan practice tests and was not happy at all.

6 pm on sunday I couldn't take it anymore and needed a break and went for a drive to check out the test center. turned out the exit off I-93 that the directions said to take was closed due to Big Dig construction and I was lost. Took me an hour to find my way out of the mess and also locate the center and find an alternative route to it. Got back home, got a good night's sleep and went the next morning and took the test. My only AWA prep was the 30 minutes spent reading the tips for tacking the section before the test.

Deciding whether to see my scores after the test must be one of the most nerve-wracking moments I've had of late. I considered cancelling my scores, not so much because of how i had done on the test - it's hard to guage a good/bad performance on the GMAT - but because I came in so unprepared. I eventually ended up seeing my score and was knocked out of my shoes seeing my high 700 mark. So much for the GMAT score having any relation to the amount of time or energy expended on its preparation !! I think it was more a bout of extra super good luck. I sure expensed a lot of karma points to get that result :-)

This blog's my release right now, so excuse the early morning rant.


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