Monday, January 05, 2004

1:44 AM

Had to step away from this, just to preserve my sanity. Watched a three hour World Poker Championship marathon on ESPN. And then watched random TV for another hour.

This is bad. bad bad bad bad bad.

My recommenders are working as hard as I am ;-) Got a call from my third recommender for stanford at 8 pm tonight - he had forgotten about the rec over this vacation the past 2 weeks !! At 11 pm he called again and said he was 4 questions done and 2 more to go. Also noticed that my second recommender is upto his word - checked around 9 pm and his status went from notified to started. my boss has most of the stuff done and he said all he had to do was the spell checks and hit submit. Hopefully things should be done on that front tomorrow.

And - drumroll - i have not yet started writing my Stanford essays !! Still stuck on Tuck 1 right now. Here's the plan - go to work and get out of work early tomorrow and work tomorrow night on stanford so that i can submit on tuesday !!! I have a feeling they will be the best essays I will write. Why ? I don't know. Just feel it.

I am going to bed, will wake up tomorrow and get these done. Keep the faith !


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