Thursday, December 11, 2003

Where is my life ?

Another typical day today. Force myself out of bed, run to work, browse the BW forums, work my ass off, back home, make myself some dinner, update my blog, and sit down to work on my apps. I haven't really gone out for a long time or done anything fun. Friends are planning ski trips and I'm kicking myself for having to stay home and write essays. Haven't played a game of squash in such a long time. I know it's not healthy but will have to suck it up for the next month or so.

I realized something amazing today. I have, in a manner of saying, forgotten to stop and smell the roses. I'm spending so much of my creative energies on my essays that I seem to be stumbling zombie-like through my days at work. Does anyone else feel likewise ? A colleague & I interviewed a candidiate for a position at work and he was stellar. As we were walking out, my colleague said that the interviewee reminded him of himself a few years ago. I don't know why but that comment affected me very much. I've been in an introspective mood all day, thinking about who I was a few years ago and who I've become. What's pathetic, but very reflective of my current existance, is that I now have the outline for one of my Harvard essays out of this ! I was reading one of my earlier posts where I wondered if I would ever get back to watching TV for TVs sake. I still wonder.

OK, some more application updates. Visited HBS again today for the student lunch program. Every time I walk through those halls I am amazed. It is truly a special place. And today I got to spend some time talking with some very smart people. All my preconceived notions of what an HBS student is have been thrown into the Charles by now. These guys and girls are genuine, cool and very helpful to prospectives. Some takeaways : HBS is about leadership. Pure and simple. If your application is not dripping with your leadership abilities and potential, you can kiss you $200 goodbye. You have to project your unique skills and experiences, and have a solid story of your life so far, thru HBS and few years down the line. Asked about weaknesses, and got some interesting feedback. The i-work-too-hard type of answers aren't going to fly. The best kind of weakness is something that coming to HBS will rectify - could be lack of knowledge in certain areas that's hurting your career, not enuf general leadership skills etc. And once everything is in place, the thing they are looking for is if you understand HBS. Work on why HBS is so interesting to you.



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