Friday, December 05, 2003


Man, this thing's going to come down to the wire. I am down to the stage where I have to crank out an essay a day to make the R2 deadlines. I must be the only R2 applicant who does not have a single essay written down yet. I've got ideas floating around my head and notes all over the place, but nothing in essay form.

I'm beginning to think I have a fear of commitment, or something like that. I had the entire last weekend to make my resume, had a great format to refer to, old resumes, even bought myself a printer for thanksgiving :-) but waited until 5 pm on sunday to start. Of course, it turned out pretty well. The first step seems to be the hardest. I would actually wager a few that I will be still writing essays the night before I am due to submit.

Spoke with both my main recommenders today. One of them needed paper copies for reference and I gave them to him, and the other is OK with doing the whole thing online. Am going to take them out for lunch next week to go over any questions they have. Need to also prepare pointers for individual schools to focus on. I'm going to be snowed in this weekend so I might get to this. My third recommender just left on a business trip so have to wait for him to get back.

For some weird reason, I am not at all worried about the state of affairs. Somehow I'm coolly confident that everything will fall into place at the right time. I guess I have been in such a high-pressure work environment for the past 3 years that it's become second nature to work like this.

I'm taking a serious look at Yale SOM. My main problem with that school is one of perception - of Yale that is. I somehow think a middle-class Indian student would be out of place at Yale. I have this image of it as the Ivy-est of the Ivy-ies, full of rich white people. So, to dispel this obvious myth and look for myself I'm headed to Yale next week for a class visit. I must say the folks at SOM have been awesome with responding to emails and calls. An extremely good first impression.

Some of my friends do this thing where they take a bunch of wines rated highly by Wine Spectator and mix them up with the local 7-11 varieties and there is a blind tasting and the results are tallied up. I didn't make it last time around but heard it was hillarious. They are having another one tonight so off I go now with my not-entirely-formidable tasting skills.

Salut !


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