Friday, December 19, 2003

Slow day yesterday wrt my applications. I am lagging behind very much and hope I can make it to the R2 deadlines. Couple of good things, met with a current student at a school i'm not applying to, but got some good insights and a potential reviewer for my essays if I ever get them done. Also, I realized very late that Kellogg needs paper trancripts and not self-reported. My grad school has an online transcript request system but had to fax my signature to get it activated. Finally done and ordered transcripts last night. Should arrive sometime next week.

This weekend is crucial. If I don't have essays of at least 2 schools wrapped up I think my MBA quest is probably finished for this year. Pull up my socks time.

Finally a shout out to trip_enel and FutureMBAgirl, two other fellow MBA applicants who are going thru similar agonies. good luck to everybody !


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