Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Just finished Tuck Essay 4. Took me around 3-4 hours of work, with a lot of distractions. Was working on it afterhours at work and there were people popping in and out of my office. But I find that these distractions actually help. Being focused on just writing an essay seems to make me unfocused after a while. strange, no ?

I actually enjoyed writing this one. I don't know why but the HBS essays stress me out. It's technically a first draft but I think I'll go with most of this one. I'm going to get it reviewed and make modifications accordingly. It's turned out to be around 800 words, and 10% over is usually considered OK, but Tuck gives you a lot of leeway with word counts, anywhere between 250-750 words, so am concerned about abusing that. I might just decide to err on the side of getting my story across and go with what I have. Shaving 50 words is going to be hard.

My dinner's almost done cookin', so gotta eat. Tasks for tonite - finish the online application part minus essays for Tuck and outline essay 3.

Ah, and recos. My first recommender has started working on 'em - or so says the Tuck online status ! Hooray ! My second one will work on them this weekend. I gave him another reminder with deadlines today, so hopefully they will get online on time.

OK, dinner time. gotta run.
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