Sunday, December 28, 2003

I'm down with a fever and its associated perks - headache, cold, sore throat - since christmas. am feeling better today and i'm hoping it's not the flu. tried working some on my essays, but i really needed to sleep it out. not a pretty picture, but hey, you only get to play the cards you're dealt.

I've dropped LBS off the list. no time to apply for R2. Also was seriously considering Wharton but R2 is out for that school too. I might go R3 - not the best idea, but probably worth a try, we'll see. I'm probably going to take the first week of Jan off from work to concentrate on the final stretch. Tuck & Stanford are due Jan 6, HBS is Jan 8 and Kellogg is Jan 9. MIT is Jan 21, so I'll get to it once the others are done. I also have to make sure that my recommendations are sent in in time, need to check on their status this week. And still have to send my GMAT scores to Kellogg.

Anybody reading this blog should realize that this is probably the worst possible way to approach the MBA application process. The textbook way, which was what I thought I would be following, would have me putting finishing touches on essays by now and picking out new year's parties to go to. instead ...

ah well, 8 days to go for my first deadline.


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