Sunday, December 07, 2003

Faking It

Have you watched the original show on BBC America, it's just fantastic. Just saw tonite's episode where the lead singer of a British punk rock band has 4 weeks to transform himself into a conductor to take part in a contest conducting the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. He doesn't even know how to read music, so he's taken under the wing by experts and gets started on his transformation. He gets to be decent but a week before he's due to go on stage, his girlfriend of 6 years leaves him. After brooding for a while, he gets over it and takes up the challenge to pull it together when it really matters. His spikey pink hair shaved off, t-shirts discarded and fitted into a tux, he finally gets on stage to conduct Rossini's La Italiana El Algera - the Italian girl in Algiers. He has a good start but misses a beat soon after. However he recovers and actually puts in a fantastic performance and gets the loudest ovation. The judges give him good grades but they do call him out as the contestant who was faking it. In the green room right after his performance, Chris knows that though he did a great effort, he missed one note that might result in all his and his mentors' efforts being wasted. Staring into the camera, he rues " Oh, why must I always regret".

Somehow felt a connection between his situation and what I'm going through and wanted to blog this. Guess I'm looking for inspiration anywhere I can :-) Working on getting the Tuck essays in shape. Been cooped up indoors the entire weekend, the snowstorm in Boston was pretty bad. Went for a walk to clear my head and it was beautiful outside. Took my camera along and took some pics and also did my good neighbor deed of the day - helped shovel a woman's stuck car out of the snow. Oh well, back to essay writing ...


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