Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Came home with a splitting headache today, am stretched at work. This is going to be tough. No way I can work on my essays today. Can't think anymore. So, started working on filling out the applications. There's a ton of stuff that needs to be input besides the essays. Figured might as well use my 'non-productive' cycles to finish some of that work. Started with Kellogg and the site was slow. And pretty funky too. Halfway thru my Part 1 I hit enter and all of sudden the Part 2 page opened ! I hope I didn't accidentally submit an unfinished part 1 ;-) The speeds are killing me - I can't imagine how bad it must be to upload essays on the last couple of days.

Note to self - you don't want to play that game.

Had my first 'prep' talk with my recommender today. He said that I should have asked him in October so he could have them ready by now ! damn ... after a lot of profuse apologizing he said he would try to get everything done in time. And then a surprise - he's going to hook me up with some pals of his who are grads & students at some of the schools I am applying to. That was unexpected. Thank You, Sir.

I gave him a resume, some general guidelines for recommenders that I researched online, hard copies of the recommendation letters of the schools I applied to for reference, and a sample recommendation letter. I am going to give him short descriptions of what each school expects of the recommendations so he can tailor his comments. Also stressed that it is imperative he use actual examples in his answers. We are going to talk about the examples once he's started. I have to do that with my second recommender maybe friday or early next week. Many thanks to ENNTT for posting this McKinsey presentation on the BW forums. Found it useful to channel my thought process regarding recos.

Well, the soporific effects of my headache medication are starting to kick in. off i go to another night's sleep ... buenas noches senoritas y senors.


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